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The Consultation Process

My aim is to get you to a point where you achieve your health goals and there is sufficient information gathered from me to manage yourself going forward – this may happen after two or three consultations or can take longer, depending on your needs.


I support you during the whole process and am always contactable should you have any concerns in between your consultations. To achieve the best outcomes for you I offer an initial package of two consultations so as to be sure to receive your commitment to the process.  Other packages are available.


The whole process is collaborative and I am willing to put my time and energy into investigating your solution so long as you will too.  I suggest we have an initial 15-minute informal chat on the phone before you book anything, just to explain the process and ascertain if we are happy to work together. 

After that I will send you a health questionnaire and food diary for you to complete and return to me 1 week prior to your initial consultation.  This is so I may research any medications and health issues personal to you.

Your first consultation:

This will either be in person at  Exeter or over Skype, please allow up to 75 minutes. The time will be dependent on the complexity of your case.  There are four stages to the initial consultation.

The follow up consultations (this can be in person, over the phone or via Skype) may take up to 60 minutes. This is generally after four to eight weeks allowing time to receive and assess any laboratory tests and for changes to be implemented.  Progress is monitored and any necessary adjustments made.  Further consultations are charged separately.

Supplements and lab tests incur additional fees.