Hi, I'm Louise, qualified nutritionist, speaker and advocator for women's health. 


Since qualifying, I have found myself seeing a lot of women in clinic who are typically over 40 and struggling with one or all of these - anxiety, high stress and low mood or depression, many of them prescribed antidepressants and often many of them having been on them for years.


The common thread is that although they just get by day to day, they no longer feel fully present in their own lives, no real ups or downs, life happens around them but never to them.  Every day becoming more of a struggle: juggling their health, home, family and work.  That life is just not sustainable long term.

I feel very aggrieved for them, their signs and symptoms being ‘managed’ but root causes not being addressed by mainstream medicine.  From a personal view point my aunt struggled with her mental health for as long as I remember.  Sadly, she was lost in the system many years ago, she had many years of therapy, her medications were changed so often, uppers, downers, she was one day fine, the next a bundle of nerves.


She hadn’t always been like that of course, and I did know her when she was able to take life’s challenges in her stride.  However, over time those isolated episodes of depression became a long-term emotional disability. I feel very sad that she struggled with her mental health for so long and didn’t get the right support when she needed it most, many years earlier.  It didn’t end well for her and I wish she had known what I know now - that it is possible to change your health trajectory without heavy reliance on long term medications.

Although I couldn’t help my Aunt, I can help you. 

Mid-40’s to mid-50’s is a period of change for women.  Whether it’s perimenopause, menopause or post menopause, it can be a time for symptoms such as brain fog, memory issues, anxiety, fluctuating hormones, IBS, low sex drive, sleep issues which can all become drivers for further health problems if given the chance.


Your brain is influenced by many body processes, and I know your body can work for you or against you. Using simple natural solutions including diet and lifestyle change and natural supplements can alter things at a biological level influencing long term health benefits without the negative side effects of medication.

So, I believe it’s important for you to get the support now, make changes, enjoy a good quality of life, so you can feel in control, happy, energised and enthusiastic whether you are heading towards or coming out the other side of menopause.

I can help you solve your health challenges in a way that fits in with your busy life AND so you look, feel, think and perform at your very best.

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